How is the Hairforlife online counseling service financed?

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Hair loss sufferer, consultant since 2004, co-author of the book “Hair Transplantation Guidebook” by Alliance4Hair, founder of Propatient with lawyer Chr. Bomke, co-founder of the HTTC training center for doctors. Known from SWR, SAT 1, ZDF, Spiegel and many others. About Us

Through my activities and services as a freelance consultant, clinics save costs in the areas of consulting, marketing and acquisition, as I carry out the considerable part of these tasks myself through my own internet platform, through presence in search engines (e.g. Google), and through public appearances in the media (read Andreas Krämer in the Media). In addition, doctors with whom I am in contact can gain patient interest through my recommendations.

Since doctors and clinics cooperating with Hairforlife can thus save considerable costs for, among other things, web presence and customer acquisition, I am remunerated for any services provided by the doctors/clinics, and my expenses are covered. However, my advice has no effect on the price structure of the clinics. Patients always have to expect the same costs for a treatment, completely independent of whether an appointment is made directly with a cooperating clinic or, for example, via Hairforlife.

However, you as my customer receive an additional service by means of the Hairforlife online consultation!

“Are you interested in a free online consultation including case assessment? Feel free to fill out the consultation form. I will be happy to advise you!”

Andreas Krämer
Andreas Krämer, Owner from Hairforlife