Eyelash transplantation

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The eyelash transplant

Probably everyone has had the pleasure of seeing a “woman” underline her reactions with a flash of her eyes. Facial expressions are the be-all and end-all of human charisma. Above all, women succeed in small “emotional manoeuvres” when the eyes play a part and can thus present a magical face to their counterpart through lively charisma. The eye lashes contribute considerably to this – thick and voluminous eye lashes are virtually a “must have” when it comes to lively interactions and an overall successful charisma.

Would you also like to have full, beautiful and enchanting eyelashes?

An eyelash transplant is an excellent option! Choose an experienced, renowned doctor for this. Eyelash transplantation uses hair from the back of the head as the donor hair – just like hair transplants on the head. However, no follicular units (grafts with 2,3,4 hairs) are used for eyelash transplantation, but only individual hairs.