FUE GJ hair cut and part shaves – shaving of stripes

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1. FUE GJ Cut Haircut

With an FUE GJ Cut haircut, the receiving area can be left long and uncut, with the donor area (hair wreath) completely shaved out:

2. FUE partial shaves – also called “FU strip shaves” (shaving of stripes)

To remove the individual donor hair (grafts), a fine hollow needle (Punch) is inserted into the skin around the individual hair during FUE hair transplantation. In order to do this, a shave of a certain area (the exact area depends on the number of grafts and the FU density per sq. cm) is required for an FUE hair transplant (Attention: Exception Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant without any shaving). Depending on the number of grafts to be removed, a full shave may also be necessary. Alternatively, there is the possibility of a partial FUE shave (see picture below).


However, in this case (depending on hair density and hair length) only smaller graft quantities can be removed. Here, the proportionality applies: the higher the hair density and the longer the hair, the more grafts can be removed. Thus, this is an option for those patients who want an FUE hair transplant for rather smaller areas and would like to conceal the treatment as best as possible.