Hair transplant or baldness?

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Bald head removal: Permanently eliminate baldness with the help of modern hair transplantation, with before and after pictures

Baldness refers to the bald area of the top of the head and is the fear of many men. Other terms for it include slab, or bald head. You can find out how to permanently eliminate a bald head with a hair transplant here, with before and after pictures!

Norwood Scale: A full bald head corresponds to NW 6 or NW 7 Situation

On the so-called Norwood scale, a full bald head corresponds to a NW 6 or NW 7 situation. This is also referred to colloquially as “full baldness”.

Grading on the Norwood scale

The fear of less attractiveness: a bald head can look good with a nice head shape

Many men do not want to accept a full bald/NW 6 situation and fear being less attractive. However, there are people who look very good with a NW 6 situation and who look anything but unattractive even without hair, and other bald men are even described as very “masculine”. For example, actors like Bruce Willis or Sean Connery.

Hair transplant or baldness? Article by Dr. Ronald Henss on the attractiveness and effect of bald men

However, not all men are endowed with a beautiful head shape and, according to studies, it has been confirmed that men with a full head of hair do appear younger and more attractive than, in contrast, male bald men.

The effect of a bald man is discussed in more detail in the following article by Dr. Ronald Henss: Hair, psychology and the bald effect

The possibility of a hair restoration surgery in the case of “baldness”

Is a hair restoration surgery even possible with a NW 6 situation? Yes, definitely, at least if it is up to a hair status of NW 6, but it always depends on the individual hair situation. How large is the area to be transplanted and how many grafts can be taken from the donor area?

Costs and prices for a baldness hair transplant

Norwood scale IV and IVa situation:

Costs and prices for nwIV and IVa

Possible number of grafts: 3000 – 4000

FUE (FUE & FUI) 5.850 Euro – 20.000 Euro depending on the country and depending on the doctor

FUT (strip & FUI) 5400 Euro – 14,000 Euro depending on the country and depending on the doctor

Norwood scale Va situation:

Costs and prices for nwVa status

Possible number of grafts: 4000 – 6000

FUE (FUE & FUI) 7.800 Euro – 30.000 Euro depending on country and doctor

FUT (strip & FUI) 7.200 Euro – 21.000 Euro depending on country and doctor

Examples of results and before and after pictures of baldness removal by hair transplantation

Example 1 of a baldness elimination (former NW 6 situation)

Wear a bald head or prefer a hair transplant? Example before and after baldness removal from the front
Example before and after surgery

Example 2: Elimination of a NW 6 situation (baldness) by means of a hair transplantation using the FUT method

Baldness – Example 3: Before and after pictures with 5500 grafts in 2 sessions

Example 4: Before and after result of 3170 grafts

Example 5: Before and after pictures of an hair transplant on a NW 6 situation with 5500 grafts in 2 surgeries

Example 6: A before and after result on a NW5 a – NW 6 situation with 3120 grafts

Example 7: With only 2400 grafts, an amazing optical change was achieved with this hair restoration on a NW 5 a – NW 6 bald head

More before and after pictures of hair surgeries

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