Eyebrow Transplant

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Eyebrows: The eyebrow transplant

Transplantierte Augenbrauen
Transplanted eyebrows

Eyebrows vary in shape from person to person. In many cases, however, they match the overall appearance of the person in question. For example, people with bushy and lush eyebrows often have a rather distinctive face anyway, so that this expression is further emphasised by the eyebrows. In contrast, people with soft facial expressions often have more delicate-looking eyebrows. As long as everything goes together harmoniously, everything is fine.

When the eyebrows become a problem zone

But what happens if you feel disadvantaged by nature and the volume of your eyebrows does not fit in with the overall aesthetics of your face? In this way, quite bizarre impressions can arise which, at least in the eyes of those affected, are perceived as very unattractive and not infrequently lead to considerable complexes.

Unaesthetic eyebrows in women

Women in particular resort to all kinds of cosmetic finesse to give their “misshapen” eyebrows a successful aesthetic appearance. However, these are usually only pitiful attempts, because hardly anything escapes the eye of the person opposite, and one can immediately make out what has been done to remedy the situation. Even “permanent make-up” could hardly prove to be a recommendation in this respect.

Prominent example of eyebrow transplantation – Daniela Katzenberger

Using Daniela Katzenberger as an example, many could even see on TV how it turns out when eyebrows have been set too high by cosmeticians. Immediately the naturalness of the face is lost and even the prettiest face loses its effect, because the “aesthetic flaw” takes away all beauty – the graceful charisma is gone

Eyebrow transplantation (hair transplantation of the eyebrows), an excellent alternative to tattooing and cosmetic attempts

What is eyebrow transplantation?

Basically, an eyebrow transplant is no different from the procedure for a hair transplant on the head. Here too, hair is taken from the back of the head to be “transplanted” and used to create new and successful eyebrows. Important to know: After an eyebrow transplant, the new eyebrows must be regularly trimmed.

Be sure to rely on experience and choose an expert!

In the case of eyebrow transplantation (and also in eyelash transplantation) only single hairs are used and never thick grafts (hair units with 3.4 hairs), as is the case with hair transplantation on the head. Specialists are required here who have both the know-how and the necessary experience to ensure that your treatment achieves the best results. The ability to reconstruct aesthetically valuable arrangements is decisive for your later appearance. Therefore, trust in doctors who have already made a name for themselves in the field of eyebrow transplantation.