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Hattingenhair/Swisshair in STETTEN Switzerland

Dr. Sever Muresanu, Andreas Krämer, Dr. Laura Muresanu
From left: Dr Sever Muresanu, Andreas Krämer, Dr Laura Muresanu
Von links: Dr. Laura Muresanu, Dr. Sever Muresanu, Andreas Krämer
From left: Dr. Laura Muresanu, Dr. Sever Muresanu, Andreas Krämer

A clinic that is very well known and experienced in the German-speaking countries is Hattingenhair/Swisshair around the team of Dr. Laura and Dr. Sever Muresanu. The entire team was trained by Canadian doctors. Hattingenhair has been successfully offering FUT/Strip hair transplants since 2005 and also FUE hair transplants since 2014.

A special feature regarding FUT (strip/stripe hair transplantation) that the clinic consists of a large team of more than 10 assistants/assistants in total. This makes it possible to offer so-called mega/gigasessions for FUT/strip, from 4000 – 5000 grafts/FU’s and considerably more per session/on one day.

Whereas a few years ago the maximum number of grafts taken by Hattingenhair with the FUT technique was about 4000 grafts, today, with good donor conditions of the patient (large hair crown, high FU/hair density per qcm, good scalp elasticity), significantly more grafts can be taken per day than before. The highest number of grafts removed by Hattingenhair/Swisshair is currently 7800 grafts/FU`s in one session/one day.

Regarding FUE hair transplants, at Hattingenhair/Swisshair the grafts are always taken manually (punches from Coleinstruments), by Dr. Laura and Dr. Sever Muresanu personally. The recipient sites are created by Dr. Laura Muresanu and inserted by experienced assistants/associates. Theoretically, graft numbers of up to 3000-3200 grafts per day are possible, although the clinic likes to schedule a generous 2000 grafts per day. At Hattingenhair, the grafts are transplanted according to the principle of intermittent FUE removal and insertion (stage transplantation in steps of 750 – 1000 grafts each).

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