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Hair loss sufferer, consultant since 2004, co-author of the book “Hair Transplantation Guidebook” by Alliance4Hair, founder of Propatient with lawyer Chr. Bomke, co-founder of the HTTC training center for doctors. Known from SWR, SAT 1, ZDF, Spiegel and many others. About Us
Hair Transplant expert Andreas Krämer from Hairforlife

German and Swiss Media such as Spiegel, ZDF, SWR, SAT 1, SFR and many others interview Andreas Krämer as a hair expert/expert for hair transplantation and a picture gallery of him can be seen at Focus Online.

Andreas Krämer is considered a hair expert/expert for hair restoration surgery and has already been interviewed several times by the media on the subject of hair transplantation.

For example, take a look at the contribution from Swiss television with the participation of Andreas Krämer:

You can find more media reports on Andreas Krämer in the media

Andreas Krämer was once affected by hair loss himself and was able to solve it successfully with hair transplantation. Read here about Andreas Krämer ‘s own hair transplantations. He has been dealing with hair loss and how to treat hair loss with a hair transplant for many years and has met many internationally recognized hair surgeons, visited their surgeries, examined the results, and maintains contacts with recognized hair surgeons worldwide.

He is therefore one of the few experts in hair transplant who has demonstrably been able to visit so many different internationally recognised doctors during surgeries (clinic visits Andreas Krämer).

Expert Andreas Krämer: Founder of the Hairforlife online hair transplant consultation service

Andreas Krämer is the founder or intiator of the Hairforlife counselling centre and, as a expert for hair restoration surgery, helps people affected by hair loss to find the right doctor straight away with his service – Hair for life – , a free consultation service for hair transplants. His accumulated know-how is the basis of a competent hair transplant consultation and his help in finding reputable doctors.

Ask the expert and request a free online consultation/case assessment: Consultation with Hairforlife Andreas Krämer

Hairforlife consultations are free of charge and hair loss sufferers can send Andreas Krämer pictures by email , or upload pictures using our consultation form . You will then receive a free case assessment. However, please read the counselling instructions beforehand.