The Hair Transplant Experience of Dr. Feriduni Patient Francesco

Andreas Krämer Hair4life



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When Francesco went to see the doctor Dr Bijan Feriduni in Hasselt, Belgium, in the month of November 2019, he wanted to know what he could do about his hereditary hair loss. The 62-year-old from Belgium was struggling with the fact that his hair situation was steadily deteriorating, even though he was in good overall shape for his age thanks to an active and sporty daily life.

Optimal naturalness of the hairline is the declared primary goal

When deciding in favor of a hair transplant by Dr Bijan Feriduni’s practice, Francesco’s main concern was that the hairline should be as natural as possible and that no one could tell whether the hair had been “implanted”. So, after an intensive information session in Dr Feriduni’s practice, he decided to have an operation with the FUE procedure, which actually took place in winter 2019 (09. th of december 2019). During the operation, 2687 transplants (FUs) were finally implanted using the FUE method.

Stunning visual similarities with the US actor Clooney

After he had gone to Dr. Feriduni for a final check-up a few months later with the final result of the hair transplant, he noticed the striking external similarity with the Hollywood actor George Clooney and suggested a professional photo session, also to test how pronounced the similarity with George Clooney is. Afterwards, some pictures were taken with the result that it is George Clooney, isn’t it?

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